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CDLC 4 Youth & Adults


Career Development
Speaking Engagements


Training Locations:

  • In general community/Community Centers

  • Grade School 6-12 /Trade Schools (during the day)

  • After-school Program

  • Virtually 

  • Higher Education Institutions

  • Libraries

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Religious Facilities

  • Juvenile Justice/ Detention Center Facilities

  • Prisons

  • Private Businesses


Connection type (depends on the need):

  • Small group

  • Lecture size group

  • Lunch & Learn

  • 1-On-1

  • Group

  • Project Based

Mentoring style:

  • Traditional

  • Peer mentorship


Program Focus:

  • Career Exploration

  • Goal Setting

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Cover Letter/ Resume Writing

  • Time Management

  • Academic Enrichment and the link between school & the workforce

  • General Youth Development

  • Relationship Building

  • Career exploration

  • Leadership development

  • College Preparation ie. college tours,  grant information, application process. 

  • Job Placement *

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Job Retention

  • Job Search & Networking

  • Life/ Social Skills

  • Workplace Best Practices

  • Fun High yield  activities  

  • & so much more

* Job leads and support will be provided to assist with job placement.  

Attendee Takeaways

We strive to provide youth and re-entry adults the tools to secure stable and adequate employment. This will help get many to meet their basic needs and reduce crimes committed by youth and returning citizens. 

We have built many professional relationships with multiple business owners and peers in Maryland and surrounding areas for networking and future employment development for participants. 

  • How your rough starts can lead to a victorious end if you work hard! 

  • How to succeed regardless of adversity.

  • How your tough upbringing can yield a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Whose holding you accountable/ are you? what's your self-talk like?

  • How to identify your strengths, soft skills & how to unlock your gifts?

  • Establish and understand your why?  

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